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About the Fairfield Community Services Foundation

The FCSF is a team of passionate, innovative leaders with a focused vision to impact our community through use of an innovative model of public – private partnership(s) within the city of Fairfield. 

Our Mission

We provide financial and volunteer support for Fairfield’s parks, recreation activities, the arts and community services. 

Benefits for the Community

Through fundraising activities, tax-deductible donations and membership dues, we help children and seniors learn, be active and improve their health, and help make Fairfield a better place to live. The Fairfield Community Service Foundation: 

  • Supports Fairfield’s Seniors

  • Helps fight the childhood obesity epidemic by providing kids with daily physical activities

  • Makes a positive impact on children’s lives and their health to help them succeed in the future

  • Help prevent juvenile delinquency and at-risk children make positive lifestyle choices

  • Strengthen new and existing partnerships with community organizations that serve a similar population

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