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Fun on 
the run 

Fun on the Run (FOTR), a FREE mobile recreation program serving low-income families in Fairfield, is a major mission-based program sponsored by the Foundation.  FOTR began in 2005 with a van refurbished by the California Prison System Auto Body Shop. In 2006, the Foundation purchased a second vehicle, a retired SWAT van, to double the outreach of the program.

Kids with Capes
School Girls During Workout

FOTR proved so successful that the Foundation raised funds in 2008 to replace the two tired vans with two more reliable vehicles. The program provides year-round, supervised recreational and educational activities for kids ages four to eighteen at Fairfield’s neighborhood parks and school sites in low-income areas. Trained community services staff and volunteers oversee the activities including:

  • Physical exercise and team sports

  • Healthy food and nutrition programs

  • Science and nature programs

  • Creative art activities

If you would would like to read more about the program, click below:

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