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Adult Recreation Center Events

The Fairfield Community Services Foundation provides financial and volunteer support for seniors through daycare and the Brain Boosters program.

Improving the quality of life for seniors,

their caregivers and families

Senior Day Program

The Fairfield Senior Day Program is a state-licensed community-based group program designed to promote the quality of life for isolated, frail and impaired adults. The comprehensive program provides health, social and other related support services for participants, family members and caregivers.

Activities include:

  • Physical exercise

  • Music

  • Trivia

  • Crafts

  • Gardening

  • Cooking

All provided in a safe, warm, caring, and secure environment.

Brain Boosters

Brain Boosters, a program designed for those with early memory loss, offers the following benefits:

  • Memory Enhancement Techniques

  • Education Regarding Memory Loss

  • Mental Stimulation

  • Socialization with Others Dealing with Similar Issues

The Fairfield Senior Day Program and Brain Boosters are located at 1200 Civic Center Drive in Fairfield, CA.  For more information call 707-428-7742.

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